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Welcome To Mississippi Upper Cervical Clinic

Southaven MS Chiropractic Care

If you experience chronic pain, we can help. Mississippi Upper Cervical Clinic in Southaven, MS is where families come to get well. Our chiropractors can help you get the answers you need and on the path of healing.

Hope Starts Here… get on the path of healing again


Professional Care & Friendly Staff

Our licensed team of professionals is equipped to diagnose and treat many different types of conditions and health issues. We’ll work hard to pinpoint the cause and treat you in the individualized manner that you deserve. Hope starts here… experience a better quality of life.

Dr. Trevor Qualls D.C.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dr. Tyler Qualls D.C.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Mississippi Upper Cervical Clinic is available for all of the Midsouth Area!
Monday – Thursday: 8am – 6pm and Friday: 8am – 2pm.
If you’re looking for a reliable chiropractor, call 662-349-0980 for an appointment.

Our Reviews

Was desperate for treatment for Meniere’s Disease and read an on-line article linking relief of symptoms to Upper Cervical Spine care. Dr. Tyler was in my area so I made an appointment, thinking I had NOTHING to lose as I was out of options and my symptoms were severe and affecting me daily. I am so grateful that I found a practice where the care is genuine and the patient is truly listened to! My symptoms are almost non-existent now (the rare flare-up lasting only a fraction of a second). I wish every Meniere’s patient was aware of this treatment option, wish I’d heard of it a lot sooner (have suffered from Meniere’s for 23+ years)!

Janet L. 8/1/2018

They are truly God sent. I brought my entire family to Dr. Trevor Qualls and here are the results…. For myself the corrections alleviated my migraine headache’s and hip pain. For my husband,it brought his blood pressure back to normal and he was able to get completely off of his meds.

Valerie L. 2/21/2018

Always very concerned and caring. Striving always on how to correct alignments and overall health.

Regina B. 6/18/2018

Best Chiropractor in Town!I was having shooting pain down my leg and made an appt with Dr Qualls.They got me right in and started to work!After 2 visits ,no more pain!He put me on a schedule for visits and I feel great!Highly recommend!

Alesia F. 2/1/2018

Excellent service friendly staff. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and cares about the patients questions and concerns. The office has a very clean environment and is relaxing for those who may be in pain or under treatment.

Haleigh E. 10/7/2016

I have rhuematoid arthritis and Dr Tyler Qualls is awesome and helped manage my pain. The staff is also awesome. Also love the communication with Dr Qualls he takes the time to answer any of my questions and is very empathetic with my condition wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Sethanie M. 3/5/2016

Been going here since 2010. For over 20 years, I suffered from debilitating chronic migraines. I went to countless physicians and specialists. I cycled through the medications that I had to take daily (sometimes multiple times a day) for the migraines. It wasn’t umtil I started receiving care from Mississippi Upper Cervical clinic that I was finally free from the pain and prescriptions. They have made a world of difference and have helped me get my life back. A thousand times over, I totally recommend MSUC. They’re always kind, professional, and efficient. All around FANTASTIC!

LaTricia M.

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