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Excited to have my life back...

VonnieAfter my car accident on April 4, 2007 I had Extreme Stabbing Pinching Pain in my upper neck that extended down to my upper back. I had Severe Migraine Headaches, Dizziness, Tunnel Vision, Numbness, Poor Reflexes and Ringing in my Ears. I had jolting pain that ran down my left side. It Felt Like a Lightening Bolt shocking all the way down my left arm to the finger tips and down my left leg. The numbness and coldness was in both of my hands and most of my fingers. I used to have many Sleepless Nights due to the intense pain. Sometimes I slept only 2-3 hours a night. This loss of sleep and all the symptoms Forced Me to Quit My Job as a Respiratory Therapist. I then took a job as a bus driver as it was the only job that I could tolerate because of the intense pain. I would drive the bus, then go home and try my best to minimize all the symptoms.

Immediately after the accident I went to the Emergency Room, for the first of my many doctor visits. My ER appointed medical doctor referred me to a Neurologist. The Neurologist stated that my case was too serious for him and he referred me to a Neurosurgeon. The Neurosurgeon administered “Gruesome” Nerve Blocks while studying my MRIs, CT scans, mylogram, x-rays, and cat scans. He decided that my only option was 2 separate surgeries to remove 4 discs. I refused and sought the Second Opinion of another Neurosurgeon. I went through another round of consultations and exams.He sent me to the physical therapist for a while, but the end result was his recommendation of Surgery.

My last resort was the Mid-South Pain Specialists. They did more “Gruesome’ Nerve Blocks every 2 weeks for 4 months. Then they referred me to a Cardiologist because the medication was beginning to affect my heart. After all the Consultations and Tests they told me that, “Surgery was My Only Option.”

Out of despair I decided to stop by the “Upper Cervical Clinic” I had been driving by each day. There I met Dr. Trevor L. Qualls. I have been under Upper Cervical Care for 2 Months. The pain in the back of my neck is mostly a 3-4 on a pain scale when it was a 10+. The Pain in my Left Arm, Tunnel Vision and Numbness are Totally Gone! My left leg pain happens occasionally on a mild level. I only get dizzy every so often due to occasional migraines, which are fewer and milder. I take very few pain pills if any at all. I Have Stopped Taking as Many Pain Pills. I have More Energy, Longer More Restful Sleep, and New Outlook on Life.

I’m Excited to have my life back and I’m looking forward to returning to my Career as a Respiratory Therapist.

Thanks Mississippi Upper Cervical Clinic,
Ms. Vonnie Hill