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First Day

(60-90 Minutes)

The first appointment is broken up into two days, Day One and Day Two. We do this to save you time. This also allows the Doctor the time he needs to review all the information and decide if you can benifit from care and if he will Accept your Case.

Day one we'll need you to fill out a few forms and then you will spend time with the Doctor. During this time, a review of your pertinent history will be covered, an Examination will be performed (including a Specific spinal scan and postural evaluation), and if necessary Specific Digital Radiographs (x-rays) will be taken.

“Within each of us there is a spark. Call it a divine spark if you will, but it is there and can light the way to health. There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.” - Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

Following the radiographs a second Spinal scan will be done. Once all of the tests have been performed, then you'll schedule the next available time for the Doctor. The Doctor will then go over all the Findings with you and your Spouse. The Doctor will explain whether you can benifit from care and if he will accept your case.

* Not all Patients Qualify and are Accepted for Care
* We Ask that you bring you Spouse or Significant other to the Second Day Visit because They will Have Questions and the Doctor would like to Answer any questions they may have.